Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

The Graduate programs of the Business school are administered at the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR). These programmes were started with a view of encouraging research and publication and also as an avenue to develop staff. We offer administrative functions like registration, bursars office, mini library, security and canteen.


FGSR is located off site at MUBS Main campus we occupy what is known as MUBS Annex Faculty at Bugolobi on Farad Road; on the route to Bugolobi flats. This is a spacious compound, green garden which provide a serene reading environment.


To coordinate and manage graduate training and research

FGSR Vision

A Centre to promote knowledge development. A Centre to promote debate of knowledge. A Centre to develop high calibre staff. A Centre to promote good management practices.

FGSR Mission

A Centre to act as a hub in the promotion of knowledge development especially in the areas of business and management

FGSR Goals                                                                          

  1. To promote knowledge and facilitate learning through teaching

  2. To promote research and promote scholarship

  3. To publish knowledge

  4. To attract development and retain staff

  5. To provide an enabling atmosphere for students to learn

  6. To ensure appropriate students and staff welfare

Objectives of the Graduate Programmes

The graduate programmes in the school are offered among others to;

  1. Promote research in the University and in the country in the different areas of business and management at graduate and Doctoral level

  2. Provide high quality human resource for business and non- business in areas of management.

  3. Give an opportunity to people with a Commerce/ Business background to study further the area of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Computing, Human resource Management, and Management Sciences, and lead to the development of knowledge.

  4. Facilitate staff development where staff with interest in pursuing graduate studies in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Computing, Human Resource Management, and Management Sciences, will have the opportunity to pursue a Masters degree.

  5. Facilitate specialized research in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing, business computing, human resource management, and management science

  6. Promote generation of ideas.

  7. Promote innovation through inquiry.

Present Activities

At FGSR we are involved in a number of activities in the pursuit of our stated goal. These activities involve both staff and students.

  1. Teaching in various courses

  2. Research activities by students and staff

  3. Research clinics where students are given one to one guidance n their research work and administrative support progress

  4. Viva voce meetings and final research presenting where research candidates defend their work before a panel. This is the final academic stage for research student’s final completion.

  5. Workshops and seminars while knowledge is shared and generated.

  6. Guest speakers where experts from the industry are invited to give hands on practical experience on concepts students have learnt in class. This also enhances academia-industry collaboration which is a tenet of industry existence.