Entry Requirements

To be admitted to a Master’s programme, one should have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university or obtained full professional fellowship. The particulars for each program are available on MUBS website. For admission to a Doctoral programme, one should have a recognized Master’s degree in a relevant discipline.

Application Procedures

Applications for postgraduate diplomas can be submitted to the The School Registrar,

MUBS, P.O. Box 1337 Kampala, registrar@mubs.ac.ug.

Admission for Graduate degree programmes are submitted to Academic Registrar, Makerere University, P.O. Box 7062, Kampala in accordance with the annual calendar of advertisements for admission.


Once applicants have gone through successful admission procedures, they are enrolled for study at FGSR. There are both administrative and academic processes students undertake in the course of their programs such as registration, lectures, course work assessments, examinations and research.

Higher Degrees Committee

The Higher Degrees Committee (HDC) acts as the Faculty Board for FGSR. It is composed of the Dean, deputy deans, director PhD; the Faculty Registrar assisted by all administrative team is the Secretariat.  The members are all Professors, Associate Professors and other Facilitators on the Graduate programs. The HDC sits as and when necessary to take decisions and guide the Faculty on teaching, assessment, examinations and research, plus a number of administrative processes.

Doctoral Committees

Each PhD student has a formally appointed doctoral committee. This comprises of the three main supervisors plus two other resource persons in the particular discipline. The guide the student all through his or work doctoral study. The formally meet to make decisions on whether to recommend the candidate to progress on not.

Viva Voce Committees

The Viva voce is an oral examination at which a graduate student defends his or her dissertation (for masters) and thesis (for PhDs). The Viva voce panelists compose of the supervisors, doctoral committee members for PhDs, internal and external examiners, and for PhD the opponent. A few extra resource persons may be selected to sit on the viva voce committee to enrich the assessment of the candidate.

Visiting Professors

The visiting Professors are appointed by the School on recommendation of the different departments by their respective disciplines. On being offered service in the School, the visiting Professors automatically become members of the HDC. They work with the heads of department and Deans of Faculty where they are appointed but report laterally to FGSR as well, especially on matters related to services offered to graduate programs.

Administrative committee

All the staff from MUBS main campus assigned service at MUBS Annex in different sections come together to form the FGSR Administrative committee meeting. This forum enables the Dean to easily coordinate all activities at Annex, and enhance information sharing among the academic staff, administrative staff, security, library and estates. Joint solutions are sought to ensure a conducive study environment for our students.