Doctor of Philosophy at MUBS

PhD research areas

MUBS invites applicants from all over the world and as such, we support nationally and internationally recognized research in the areas of business, economics, social sciences and humanities.

Types of PhDs

There are various ways of achieving a PhD at MUBS, you have just got to choose the way that suits you depending on your discipline and experience.

PhD by Research only

This is the traditional route to a PhD and you can take this type of programme in any of our research areas. Under this type, you carry out independent, original research working closely with your research supervisors.

PhD by Coursework and Research

So far this type applies to only Philosophy of Energy Economics and Governance (PEEG). It involves 1 year of course work and a maximum of 3 years research.

PhD by Published works

If you have developed your research skills through a body of publications produced during the course of your career, either within or outside academia, you can opt for a PhD by Published Works. This programme takes three years from the time of registration.

What to do before you embark on the PhD Journey

A PhD journey can so demanding because it needs your body, soul, mind and time. And so you need to be ready psychologically, physically, emotionally, materially and financially.

Start by identifying your discipline (accounting, finance, marketing, procurement, leadership, entrepreneurship, economics, etc).

Identify a topical issue in your discipline.

Read existing academic literature on the identified topical issue, paying attention to the variables, theories, methodologies, respondents, context, data analysis, results and conclusions. The aim is to get a grip of what has been done, how it is has been done, where the gaps are and possible areas for contribution to knowledge.

Identify probable supervisors and make initial visits to share and develop your thoughts.

Be contented that you have a researchable area before you think of beginning the journey. Remember a PhD research is not a Master’s research.

Log onto the Makerere University website, check entry requirements and find the applications forms. You need to apply via this page https://www.xxxxxxxx

What to expect on your PhD journey

Once on the PhD journey, it is a matter of personal initiative, your personal efforts. You should not expect to be pushed around, instead push yourself around without being told. You should expect to go an extra mile in search for knowledge concerning anything related to research.

A PhD journey goes through the following steps:

  1. Provisional admission
  2. Proposal development and full admission
  3. Pilot study
  4. Main study data collection
  5. Data analysis
  6. Report writing
  7. Final defense (after having extracted 2 publications from the research project)

Have a work plan and stick to it if you are to complete the program on time. On average, a PhD journey takes about 3-4years.